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Hello, loves !!!! Today we will talk about the cardigan and ponchos trend.


Winter is one of my favorite seasons. I love love the cold and winter trends. I believe that settle in more. We are more elegant and chic. Agree?
I chose some models of cardigans and ponchos for us to inspire the days and cold nights.

1 - The first model that charmed me, is a long-sleeved cardigan and open in front. I was charmed with the geometric print in black and white. Super chic, elegant and beautiful.
It is available in one size only.
Price: $ 22.99.

2 - The second model is also an open front cardigan, but with half sleeve.It looks great with a thin cloth jacket and turtleneck. I charmed the print medium gradient with risk and detail of the fringes are absolutely charming.
One size.
Price: US $ 24.99

3 - Poncho that looks most beautiful !!!! I'm in love with this design. With fringes and small "holes", composed a beautiful and authentic model.
It is available in four colors: khaki, white and gray, black and red. Makes you want to buy all !!!
One size.
Price: US $ 15.99

4 - In love with this beautiful super pattern, chic and goes with everything. This cardigan undoubtedly is an indispensable item in its closed!
One size.
Price: US $ 24.99

5 - This cardigan with long fringes detail enchanted me! Pure charm. I thought so sweet, delicate, romantic and at the same time, exotic!
Available in two colors: beige and black.
One size.
Price: US $ 26.99

For more information:

Models are super beautiful, right? And you, what model most? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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