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Already have a time that I am enchanted with some models of FashionMia and today, I bring to you, looks that I am longing for and that are trends of fashion for 2019.


Who is a mother, knows that comfort comes first, but also, wearing a beautiful look and valuing our bodies, are also important.

I chose some clothes that I can reconcile with my mother routine and that will value my body even more.

Below, the clothes I want:


First of all, I want to inform you that these models are beautiful and that help a lot to value our silhouette ... Besides being very sexy, they disguise the belly, appreciate our waist, lengthen our legs and help give us the impression that we are more elongated.

But in addition to worrying about comfort and beauty, I also worry about prices and therefore I chose cheap leggings:

1 - Drawstring Skinny Pants:

These pants are very sexy and super different. Note that the region of the abdomen has a reinforcement, which compresses the belly, sharpens the waist and values our curves. I loved the waist detail.
We can use it in several occasions and to form diverse styles, that it goes from using it with sneakers, in a more sporty and casual look to use it with a beautiful jump something for a more sensual look.


2 - Wide Leg Plain Pants:

This pantaloon I found super light, fresh, classic, a mixture of authenticity and class. Combines a lot with low-heeled sandals.
She has a gorgeous trim and embossed vase detail, it shows to be an exclusive item, as I have never seen a pair of pants with such cute detail.


3 - Embroidered Belt Print Casual Pants:

I love pantaloons and this one I found very beautiful, a mixture of authenticity, with sensuality and good taste.
This detail of tie at the waist is super high and is world trend. Make the piece more feminine.
The print is beautiful and the colors are in harmony.


Of the three pants, what's your favorite?


I definitely love sexy skater dress as they are very stylish and match for all occasions.
These models greatly value our curves, waist, elongate our body and are very elegant.
Honestly, I want all the dresses, because in fact, they are all very beautiful, well detailed and with beautiful and exclusive prints.
I chose the models that provide a good trim and give to use in my day to day. After all, fair days deserve a nice dress.

1 - Round Neck Polka Dot Sleeveless Skater Dress:

This dress reminded me of the movie "A Beautiful Woman". Classic and timeless, tone and polka dots make this model even more chic.
The trim and length are perfect. I like him a lot because he tightens his waist and looks gorgeous with scarpins.


2 - V-Neck Abstract Print Geometric Printed Skater Dress:

I'm really delighted with this asymmetrical geometric dress. The print is sensational and has the "Fiesta" coral tone that Pantone chose for the color of 2019 on their NYFW chart.
I found it super stylish.


3 - Round Neck Cutout Vertical Striped Belt Midi Skater Dress:

Stripes never go out of style. Black and white also never go out of style. Passionate in this model that brings elegance and good taste.
Vertical stripes are perfect for stretching the body and giving the impression of being leaner. I love this trick!


And you, what kind of dress do you prefer? Polka dots, geometric or stripes?

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